5 Days of LinkedIn

Time to level up your LinkedIn game

A bit different today folks. Rather than a musing or a blog article, I’m launching something new. It’s completely free, I’m calling it the 5 days of LinkedIn and I’d love you to join me.

So as you may know I’ve had a Masterclass on the subject for the last four years. That has been taken by over 22,000 people across 163 countries!

The idea behind the five days is to take five of my favourite lessons from that course and give them away, one day at a time, for free. There is no obligation to go on and do anything although if you do last it out there may well be a good benefit for doing so ;)

I’d love you to join me in this and as always I’m very happy to receive feedback.

So what’s there to lose? Nothing more than 2-4mins per day on a valuable piece of video advice that will take your LinkedIn game to the next level :)

Take the 5 Days Now