A frog a day keeps the doctor away

Or at least helps you move towards your goals

After my last post on routines I had a lot of really nice feedback and a few people even told me they’d tried some of the ideas themselves. One of my team actually messaged me today and said they’d implemented the point about getting important work done before opening emails. Here’s how the conversation went.

Becky: I did something from your routine thing today..

Becky: I sat at my laptop at 9 and before opening my emails I said, what do I need to get achieved today - answer was finish {client name redacted} service outline - I’ve done it and sent it to Thomas and it’s not even 10am

Becky: 🎉🎉


Al Banks: Did the world stop?

Al Banks: Did anyone complain you hadn’t got back to them?

Becky : No :p

Al Banks: Do you feel good?

Becky : Yes. And now I’m powering through my emails, not panicking because I haven’t done {client name} service outline yet

Al Banks: Perfect

Al Banks: Its a game changer

Becky: ... you might have something here I’ll admit


Becky ate the frog. In his book Eat That Frog!, among other advice, Brian Tracy suggests getting the things you’ve been putting off done first thing in the morning.

We all do it right? Who wants to do the thing you’re least looking forward to when you’ve got a hundred other things you can do and each of them is seemingly just as important, and much more interesting.

The irony of this is that in my experience the things we leave, that we procrastinate over, are often the things that will move us forward and get us nearer our goals. I guess because they feel uncomfortable or overwhelming its always easier to do something else.

Every Sunday I plan my week. I have a list of things I need to accomplish, and I note down my frogs by putting an (F) next to them. I plan these into my morning routine, usually straight after getting in from my walk.

Here’s the thing - when you cross these jobs off your list, the sense of accomplishment you feel is immense. I don’t actually know another feeling like it. You feel unshackled, lighter somehow and like you can face anything.

Try This:

Make a list of your frogs. Don’t put too many down, perhaps 5 or 6 and then put a list of the days of the week below it. assign a frog to each day (if you have that many) and then don’t check your phone or email til you’ve achieved it. Let me know in the comments how you get on and what it makes you feel like. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!

*Disclosure - some of the links in this post will be affiliate links. I NEVER choose to link to these products because of the comissions they pay, only ever because I want to share the benefits I’ve had with them, with you.