Hello World

My first substack

If you’re wondering, ‘hello world’ is the first thing you ever learn to program when you start out in computing. It felt right for this.

So I signed up on Substack back in August and apart from the global pandemic and appointing a new shareholder and MD I’ve actually been pretty busy. :) I’ve also really been questioning what to use this for. Today I think I may have cracked it. This is going to be a business journal.

If you follow me elsewhere you’ll know that I’m very open about the tragic losses of our babies, Charlie and Sophie. Through those painful experiences I’ve sought all sorts of help to get over the feelings of anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, ptsd and so many other dark feelings. One of the suggestions that comes round time and time again is journaling. I’ve known about journalling for a number of years and even tried it a few times but I’m a starter not a finisher so I’ve never got more than a couple of days in. However, with the challenges I was facing personally I owed it to myself to stick with it and after about a week of making myself comitt, I suddenly found it quite adictive. I even went on to buy myself a really nice moleskin journal with loads of pre-built practices in which has just arrived and I’m really looking forward to getting going on that.

I suppose the only thing I’ve found a little odd is not using a computer to journal and that’s what lead me to this idea. Business journalling.

So thats what I’m going to do folks, I’ll share my thoughts, lessons, learnings and tips here for you all. What a perfect place to login and muse about my day/my week/my month. I hope you enjoy the posts.