Not everyday can be a good one

It's so important to be human

I use writing to help me. I find it cathartic. Maybe you could do too?

I’ve been struggling this week. My wife and I made a huge decision to not go for anymore children after being given a 50:50 chance of a third loss after Charlie and Sophie. Although we are both at peace with this and excited about the future now, we’re sad too as our dream of 3 won’t be realised.

Last week I went up to visit friends and play golf, that weekend I rushed back to host my parents in Exeter and then I stayed up in Bristol for an all day event with a client on Tuesday. All really fun events and I’m super glad I had them. Its simply that after 15 months of restrictions and rarely leaving the comfort of my home & family, I’m exhausted.

I’ve always said that I’m keen to keep my personal brand human. We live in a world where people share their perfect life. To some extent, I’m guilty of it myself on places like Instagram and Facebook. For those who follow me closely, I want to ensure you know the real me.

I also don’t want this to be all doom and gloom. Yes I’ve had a bad week, yes I’m feeling pretty sad right now but I’ve learnt through the last few very difficult years that when I do feel like this, there is a way out.

This morning I posted this on picture on my @findingyourpassionuk Instagram (pls do come follow me there 😀) - Its one of the best ways I like to help myself in these times.

These practices are not ones you pay for. They take very little time and they pay back over and over again. Didn’t someone profound once say “the best things in life are free” - or was it just that famous Luther/Janet 90s track?!!?

The great thing about being more self-aware is that I know I’ll come out of this fuzz if I’m kind to myself. If I paste over it, try hard not to recongnise it, or simply take on too much, I’l'l buckle and be far worse for it.

I can’t and you can’t change the past or external factors, but you can do something about how you’re feeling now and how you react to certain situations. Or you could wallow. Your choice.