What does your digital footprint look like?

Because it's important to have a strategy

It’s been a busy few weeks so I’ve been quiet on here. I’m pleased to say a lot of positive stuff has happened which has taken my attention.

The main news is the relaunch of my personal website: www.findingyourpassion.co.uk

Since 2009 my blog (www.iambanksy.co.uk) has acted as my personal website. I’ve enjoyed writing there over the years but I’ve not kept it upto date and now I have this channel which I far prefer.

I’ve been playing around with the shape of my digital footprint for some time now and I’m starting to find one I like. It’s actually been the source of quite a bit of personal anguish so this post feels like a weight being lifted.

So here’s how it’s going to look in 2021.

  1. My main website will be https://www.findingyourpassion.co.uk - This will showcase ways in which you can work with me on a one-one basis and house my online courses.

  2. Later in the year I’ll remove Iambanksy.co.uk altogether and re-direct it to the site above. This will take some time as I have a lot of content on it.

  3. I’ll continue to use Substack for my newsletter/journalling and I’ve made it a primary link from the FYP site. Please pass this link to others you know who might benefit from subscribing (particularly entrepreneurs, marketers, sales people).

  4. There is an articles and insights section on FYP where I’ll put up specific personal branding tips and advice as well as downloads for people.

  5. I’ll be increasing my output on my YouTube channel again this year - subscribe at http://www.youtube.com/c/alastairbanks

  6. I’m most active socially on LinkedIn - connect, engage, ask me questions there: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alastairbanks

  7. I run a regular room in Clubhouse on Sales, Marketing and Business Growth with a friend on Fridays between 12-2pm - Join us and join in. Search my name or @banksy6 on the app to find me. Once you follow me you’ll be notified of the room starting.

  8. I have started a South West Business Club on Clubhouse which you can join and be notified about any events happening in the region. At the time of writing, its early days for this but make sure you join to keep updated.

  9. I keep Instagram for mainly personal stuff with a bit of business thrown in: http://www.instagram.com/banksy6

  10. I still have Twitter but use it for research more than outbound these days: https://www.twitter.com/banksy6

  11. I do have profiles on the other networks but I keep them for friends and family only.

There are so many platforms out there it’s hard to keep track and ensure you’re regularly showing up. I always advise my clients to keep to one or two channels and do them really well. My job demands I’m across everything which is a challenge but I think I’ve finally found the footprint I want above. That is until it all changes again and something new comes out of course ;)

Do you have a clear idea of where you should ‘hang out’ and spend your hours? If not, you may just find you’re wasting quite a bit of time.