Your vibe attracts your tribe

+ a few random acts of kindness ideas

I heard a great phrase this week from Abigail Barnes - “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”. I’ve tried to trace it back to its origins and the find the person that originally coined it but I’ve not had much success. Maybe it was you Abigail? In which case I salute you!

Firstly I need to say that I don’t want to get too ‘Kumbaya’ on you. However, I do appreciate this phrase and believe its well worthy of unpicking.

So lets do that. ‘Your Vibe’ first.

Your vibe is your energy. The way you conduct yourself, the way you speak, gesture, help others, share information and engage. In social media this manifests in different ways across different platforms. On LinkedIn, where I spend the majority of my time it could be helping people by commenting or sharing their posts with insights and tips of your own added. On Instagram its likely you’ll comment or even direct message people to show appreciation for what they are doing or creating. On Clubhouse its getting up on stage or running rooms where you share knowledge and experiences that others can learn or gain from. If you’ve ever been told by someone you bring or have great energy then you’re probably there already. You make people feel good and that in turns attracts others cut from the same cloth. If you haven’t heard that then maybe its time to considering partaking in some of the suggestions above.

Your Tribe.

In 2009, Entrepreneur and Marketeer Seth Godin did an awesome TED talk on Tribes (2.4 million views) after writing a book on it.

Back then (remember this was still relatively early days in social media) he explained the concept that mass marketing was dead and that due to the internet, people were able to recreate a human social unit from the past - tribes. A tribe being based on shared values and ideas and if you’re lucky enough to lead one, it can bring big change.

Now you may not fancy leading a tribe but you might be very happy contributing and being part of one. As humans, many of us have an inherent need to feel a part of something and this is where finding your tribe is such an important concept. It’s one of the main reasons that Facebook groups and Clubhouse rooms work so well.

So getting back to the original phrase - Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.

The energy you bring, the way you conduct yourself both on and offline is almost certainly going to attract likeminded individuals. Just think about that for a second and let it sink in. Do you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance one? Are you attracting the kind of people you want to be around? If not, maybe you need to begin by considering the way you put yourself out there, because that may be part of the problem and you didn’t even know it.

And if you’re looking for actions:

What kind thing could you do today - just pick one. Go on, do it now.

·      Give someone a recommendation out of the blue on LinkedIn

·      Share someone’s post with your network

·      DM someone to tell them you appreciate them

·      Call out a supplier you use and like on Social Media telling people why they should use them

·      Retweet someone

·      Send a gift to someone unexpectedly

·      Ring a friend you’ve not spoken to for a long time

·      Ask someone in your team if you can help them with anything

I’m sure you’ll have your own ideas which, as always, I’d love to hear below. :)

No go forth and attract the Tribe you want.