"I have shared my list with my wife and a couple of important people in my business who will hold me accountable to doing these things."
"It’s gone through at least three rounds of changes with one editor where they fact check everything"
My 11th year Running This!
Short but sweet
Rather than buying 'stuff' today, why not invest in yourself
"Clearly broken, hurt and unable to comprehend what they’d let slip through their hands, it was what Langer did then which impressed me so much."
"Businesses which don’t give this attention over the next few years are going to struggle badly"
"As humans we’re naturally adaptable and resilient so we did so through Covid, because we had no choice"
"Why did I start to care about our national team again?"
A story from Chris Bentley, formerly of the Exeter Chiefs.
It's so important to be human
Oscar made a Drama Wheel!